Issue Summary

Customer claims that he updated the keywords and enabled Push notifications for his Bookshelf App named “EMERGENCY FYI”. Apple notified that it was ready but still there are no update notification received on the iPad? For testing a new .zave & .zavem files were placed on the hosting site for one of the Issues in the app but still no notification. Customer also checked that the notifications option was enabled on his device under settings >> notifications for their app. However; he stated that his app “Emergency FYI” doesn't appear in either ‘In notification Center’ or ‘Not in Notification Center’. He mentioned that he successfully made the .pem file and uploaded it to the Quark AVE Publishing Portal. After that he re-submitted the .ipa file to Apple (with new keywords) and it was accepted but still no notifications.

Steps to be sure if the Push Notification service is activated in the IPA file :

1 - The .ipa file is actually a Zip file. Change its extension and unzip it.

2 - Open the 'Payload' folder. There is a .app inside. Right click on it to 'Show package contents'.

3 - Then look for the file 'embedded.mobileprovision' and open it with a text editor.

4 - Look for your App ID, under it should be written '<key>aps-environment</key>'

5 - If you can't find that string, it means the Push notifications aren't active for the app :


The above steps indicates that the Push Notification service was not activated in the application's IPA file. Probably it’s because the customer didn't update his application profile after enabling Push notification Service. It is the profile that activates the notifications in the IPA file.

Steps to fix:

  • Remove the Ad Hoc and AppStore profiles installed on his computer

  • Delete them on the Provisioning Portal

  • Recreate the same profiles

  • Download them and install them

  • Restart AppStudio Factory and export the Ad-Hoc binary again.

Also, we can refer below URL’s to know more details about push notifications:

Note: - This information is only for internal use to test such problems more effectively.