The distribution certificate attests to the identity of the entity publishing the app. According to Apple: 'Only Team Agents are authorized to prepare and submit applications for distribution.' The Team Agent is the person at your organization who oversees development and final distribution of your app. While each developer on your team could have their own developer certificate, you or your company will have a single distribution certificate. This arrangement enables you to add or remove people from your development team, while not giving those folks the means to publish your final app. That will be controlled by you.

The Team Agent will be the user account associated with creation and first-logon to your provisioning portal account.

To create a distribution certificate:

  1. On the team agent's computer, while logged in as the person with the authority to publish the app, open Keychain Access.

  2. Choose Certificate Assistant, Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.

  3. Follow the program's prompts to create and save a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file.

  4. Log onto the iOS Provisioning Portal under your Team Agent account.

  5. Click Certificates and then click the Distribution tab.

  6. Click Add Certificate and upload your CSR file.

  7. You'll be returned to the Certificates page with the status listed as Pending. Wait a moment then refresh the page in your browser.

  8. Even though you're logged in as the Team Agent, you'll need to approve your certificate. Click Approve.

  9. Download the development certificate (.cer) file to your computer.

  10. Double-click the file to install it into your keychain.