If App Studio Exporter is not packaging correctly when uploading content to portal or InDesign Crashing you might have a damaged preference file.


  • Font display are not the one desired

  • Missing links or images

The InDesign SavedData and InDesign Defaults files are application/preference files that store information about plug-ins, settings, and other InDesign data. If the preference files get damaged, the application may start behaving erratically, so by recreating these files, you can either solve the problem or eliminate preferences as the cause!

Remember that recreating the preferences files will delete any custom settings you have, including document and print presets, transparency flattener presets, and custom stroke styles, and restore all the settings to the defaults.


Recreate Damaged Preference Files

1. Quit InDesign, then relaunch the application and immediately hold down the following key combinations for your OS:

  • Mac OS X: Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+Shift

  • Windows: Ctrl+Alt+Shift

2. A dialog appears, asking “Delete InDesign Preference Files?” Click Yes.

The preference files will be recreated, and InDesign will relaunch with the default settings.

If you’d prefer to delete the preference files manually, you can find them in the following locations. They will be recreated when InDesign is relaunched.

Note: If you rename your original preference files before starting, they won’t be overwritten by the new ones, so you can restore them if the new files don’t correct your problem.

Mac OS X

InDesign > SavedDataUsers > [user] > Library > Caches > Adobe InDesign > Version [version] > InDesign SavedData

InDesign > DefaultsUsers > [user] > Library > Preferences > Adobe InDesign > Version [version] > InDesign Defaults

Windows XP

InDesign Defaults > C:\> Documents and Settings >[user] > Application Data > Adobe > InDesign > Version [version]

InDesign SavedData > C:\> Documents and Settings >[user] > Local Settings > Application Data > Adobe > InDesign > Version [version] >Caches

Windows Vista and Windows 7

InDesign Defaults > C:\> Users > labuser > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > InDesign > Version [version] > InDesign Defaults

InDesign SavedData > C:\> Users >labuser > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > InDesign > Version [version] > Caches > InDesign SavedData