A horizontal scrolling frame i.e. Carousel, allows content to be larger than the size of the page, and the user can scroll the portion of the frame they wish to see.

How to add a scrolling frame

  • Add a new layer prefixed with ‘scroll-‘ e.g. ‘scroll-no border’.

  • Add a rectangle to the layer and enlarge it so that’s it’s larger than the page.

  • Rename the added rectangle ‘frame’. (See below for finished layer structure).

  • Add any content to this layer, and once it has been added, group all the content, including the rectangle named 'frame'.

  • Add a rectangle to this layer, placing it on top of the grouped items and re-size it to the width (and height) required when scrolling the frame. Name the new rectangle ‘window’. (See above for layer structure).

  • You should be left with a layer prefixed with ‘scroll-‘, and it should contain two child objects, one is the rectangle named ‘window’ and the other should be the grouped items and rectangle named ‘frame’. (See above for finished layer structure).

  • Please note: Carousels only go Right to Left or vice versa.

Download a demo. Carousel Horizontal Demo AS.zip

*Note: If you have a carrousel that is bigger and wider and off the paste board of your document, the images will not be packaged and will go missing. The solution is to make your paste board bigger and add bleed to the document. To make your paste board larger, click here.