PNG/JPEG images imported within an ID file appear blurry when the issue is downloaded on a Retina iPad.

Please ensure that following conditions are met for retina images as the image has a scaling between 0% - 50% which means the resulting output should be retina. The image box created with size 684 x 841 actually ends up outputting an image of double the size (1368 x 1682) which is too large for the devices to handle. If the images are broken down into smaller size it should work fine.

Two megapixels ( 2 x 1024 x 1024 = 2,097,152) is the largest image we can make retina with the current conversion. If an image larger than this size is uploaded to the App Studio portal it will not be considered a Retina image and hence will appear blurry.

For more information; Please visit the following URL on Apple’s website:

For the memory available within iOS, there are limits on the number of resources it can process:

- JPEG images larger than 2 megapixels are subsampled—that is, decoded to a reduced size.