Go to the advert you want to link too in the flat plan, press the edit button, so you see the edit content popup window.

Then use your mouse to hover over the small thumbnail in the right side of the window, you will see a number appear, make a note of this number.

In InDesign, make a button and use the following code: pageByID://1303948 Add the number you noted down here then you can link to it, all ensure the advert is selected as an advert in the drop down menu.

Please note. If you recompile the advert, the advert id number will change and you will have to update your indesign file with the new advert id.

In case the advert has been provided in HTML 5 format, then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Copy and move the advert to the right publication.

  • When it is in the right issue, compile the advert so it has the green tick.

  • Then collect the advert id.