1. Try loging in through a different browser

2. Please Make sure that a role has been assigned for the user to access a particular publication.

There are three roles that can be assigned to a user as an Admin. These are:

  • Admin - Full Access to the account to create Publications, Manage users, Publish, Edit and Test Issues

  • Designer - Access to the account to create, edit, publish & test Issues

  • Tester - Access to test issues via the App (on iPad) only.

The tester has only access to the Test App via the iPad and that's the only area they can login to download and test an issue for the publication on iPad. Users with the role 'testers' do not have access to flatplan on the web portal (https://my.appstudio.net). If you want these users to be able to login to https://my.appstudio.net, then we need to change their role to that of a 'designer'.