Background: This display issue occurs because the QuarkXPress Color Manager is always ON in version 7. When you open a legacy document, the problem occurs when the Color Manager is set to “QuarkXPress 7.0 Default”. You can change the Color Manager preferences to emulate legacy QuarkXPress treatment of color information if you make changes in your display and Color Manager settings.

Solution: To set QuarkXPress 7 to treat color in the same manner as version 6, change the Monitor Profile from Automatic to QuarkXPress Legacy RGB.

1. Within QuarkXPress, choose QuarkXPress (Mac OS) / Edit (Windows) > Preferences > Display.

2. Select QuarkXPress Legacy RGB from the Monitor Profile drop-down menu. Click OK.

If changing the Monitor Profile does not fix the color shift, the Color Manger Source Options should be changed. Directions on changing Color Manager settings:

  1. Open the version 6 project in QuarkXPress 7.x or 8.x.

  2. Go to QuarkXPress (Mac OS) / Edit (Windows) > Preferences > Color Manager.

  3. In the Source Options area, choose QuarkXPress 7.0 Default from the Source Setup drop-down menu.