Applies to: All Mac and All Windows.


Activation Code is required to activate your copy of QuarkXPress if the Automatic Activation Over the Internet is not successful. Also, if there are any hardware changes made to your system you will have to activate your copy of QuarkXPress again using the following activation options.


1. Activate your copy of QuarkXPress Automatically Over the Internet by clicking Continue on the following dialog box.

2. If the Automatic Activation is not Successful due to any network issue. Please select Other Activation Options as mentioned below:

3. Please click Continue and follow the steps mentioned in the dialogue box

4. Copy the installation code provided in the above screenshot and navigate to and paste it installation code box to generate the activation code.

5. Once you retrieve the Activation Code, please paste the activation code in the empty boxes (A thru G). Click continue to activate your copy of QuarkXPress. If you receive an error, please ensure that the number you entered are correct.