When designing a job that will print in four-color process with extra spot colors, always check a PANTONE® COLOR BRIDGE® guide to see if the spots can be simulated effectively in CMYK. You may be able to eliminate some spot colors and the added expense of printing them. QuarkXPress 7 (and later) provides built-in access to the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE coated libraries, which allows you to see if your spot colors can be converted to CMYK colors. To preview spot-to-CMYK comparisons:

  1. Create a layout that uses a color from the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE CMYK EC or PC library (Edit > Colors > New > Model = PANTONE color bridge CMYK EC or PANTONE color bridge CMYK PC).

  2. Choose Edit > Colors to display the Colors dialog box.

  3. Select the spot color and click Edit.

  4. In the Edit Color window, choose CMYK from the Model drop-down menu. The percentages displayed will be the same as those listed in the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guide.

  5. View the color swatches for Original and New to see the difference between the spot and CMYK versions of the color.