Embedded fonts in EPS files - When you save a page as an EPS file, you can now embed the fonts used on that page in the EPS file. This relieves you from having to ensure that fonts are provided with EPS files for output.


In QuarkXPress you can choose to embed some, none, or all of the fonts used on the page you want to save as EPS by simply checking or unchecking them in the Fonts pane of the Save Page as EPS Options dialog. (Go to File > Save Page as EPS and click the Options button to locate this dialog).

In QuarkXPress 6.5, however, you do not have this option. You will need to create an EPS graphic in another application that does allow font embedding and import that graphic into a QuarkXPress page. Any fonts embedded in the original EPS graphic will be included when you save the QuarkXPress 6.5 page as and EPS file. You can also embed fonts when you create a PostScript output file by printing to a PDF processor or exporting your QuarkXPress project to a PostScript file for later distilling.