During the activation process, the application gathers some information about the hardware configuration of the computer on which you have installed Quark software, converts that information into an installation code that is unique to only that computer, and then sends the installation code to Quark. This installation code is used only to ensure that your Quark software is used only on the computer where it was installed. There is no way to retrieve specific hardware information from an installation code.

No personal information is transmitted to Quark when you activate through the Internet or by telephone. Quark may require personal information, such as your name and job title, for re-activation requests. If you activate over the telephone, Quark may offer to register your software and ask you to provide personal identifiable information for this purpose. However, registration is not a prerequisite for activation, and you can choose to simply activate your license.

For more information on privacy protection , go through the link - Privacy Policy