While you can't do this when you're simply editing or adding words directly into an Auxiliary Dictionary, you can add a list of words while in the midst of a spell-checking operation for a story or selection. Try out these handy steps to add a complete list of words to your Auxiliary Dictionary at one time:

  1. Draw a text box that has enough room in it for the list of words you want to add to the Auxiliary Dictionary.
  2. Type or enter all the words that you want included in the Auxiliary Dictionary into the text box.
  3. Select all the text in the box.
  4. Go to Utilities > Check Spelling > Story.
  5. In the Check Spelling dialog, hold down Option-Shift (Mac) or Alt-Shift (Windows) and click the Add button.

All the words will be added to your Auxiliary Dictionary at the same time.

Note: You must have already created an Auxiliary Dictionary before you do this.