Before you set up an H&J for how the text will flow, you will need to determine which method QuarkXPress will generally use to hyphenate for a particular language. In the Paragraph pane of the Preferences dialog box you will find settings for each language in the Hyphenation list. The Method pop-up menu in the Hyphenation field specifies which method QuarkXPress will use to automatically hyphenate text all languages supported in QuarkXPress. The Standard and Enhanced methods use older algorithms to calculate hyphenation. The Extended 2 methods available for languages other than English use the newer method provided in new hyphenation libraries. The setting you choose affects only paragraphs for which Auto Hyphenation (in the Edit > H&Js dialog) is enabled.

Once you have selected the main hyphenation method that you want to use for your particular language, you are ready to set up specific H&Js for your text flow.


QuarkXPress includes advanced controls for setting Hyphenation and Justification settings that allow you to control how text will be flowed within boxes.

A Hyphenation and Justification (H&J) specification is a named package of settings for hyphenating words that go over the margin of a line of text and for justifying spaces between words and characters. You can apply H&Js to individual paragraphs, or you can associate an H&J with a paragraph style sheet. Use the Edit Hyphenation & Justification dialog box (Edit > H&Js) to control these settings.