You can use the Open and Save pane of the Preferences dialog box (QuarkXPress/Edit menu) to customize how the application saves and performs backups.

  • Check Auto Save to protect your work from system or power failure. When this option is checked, the application automatically records changes to a temporary file in your project folder after a specified time interval. Enter the interval (in minutes) in the Every minutes field. You can specify a minimum time interval of .25 minutes. When Auto Save is checked, the default setting is Every 5 minutes. The application does not overwrite the original file until you manually save (File > Save). When you open the project after a system interruption, the application displays an alert indicating that the project will be restored to the last auto-saved version.

  • Check Auto Backup and enter a value in the Keep revisions field to retain as many as 100 revisions of a project. Each time you manually save (File > Save), the application copies the previous manually saved version to the Destination folder you specify. The default setting for Auto Backup is unchecked.

  1. Click Project Folder to store revisions in the same folder with the project.

  2. Click Other Folder and then click Browse to choose a different folder for storing revisions. Consecutive numbers are added to the file name for each backup. When the last revision is created (for example, 5 of 5), the oldest revision in the folder is deleted.

  3. To retrieve a backup from the destination folder, simply open the revision file.

  • Check Save Layout Position if you want the application to automatically remember the size, position, and proportions of your project window.

  • Under Non-Unicode Support, choose an option from the Encoding drop-down menu to indicate how the application should display characters in non-Unicode text.