Follow these steps to center text vertically in a Table Cell:

  1. Select a cell with the Text Content tool by clicking in a cell.

  2. Go to Item > Modify.

  3. Click on the Text tab.

  4. Under Vertical Alignment, choose Centered in the Type drop-down menu.

Note: You can also set the Vertical Alignment for an individual table cell in the Text tab of the Measurements palette (See below). For a range of selected cells you will need to set Vertical Alignment using the Text tab of the Modify dialog box.


Horizontal alignment of text is controlled though paragraph style sheets and formatting. These are text (or 'content') level attributes. However, vertical alignment is controlled at the box (or 'object') level for a text box or text cell of a table. Therefore, you need to set Vertical Alignment for the box itself, not for the text.