QuarkXPress pages are numbered based on the beginning of 'sections.' You can renumber your pages by inserting a section start on the page where you want to begin renumbering.

To renumber your pages using section starts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the page where you want the Section Start to be placed and ensure that it is the active page in the Page Layout palette.

  2. Go to Page > Section…

  3. Select the Section Start checkbox in the Section dialog.

  4. Enter the desired page number in the Number field.

  5. If you want to prefix your number, enter the letter or number you want to use as your prefix in the Prefix field.

  6. Select the numbering format you want QuarkXPress to use when it numbers the pages in the Format pop-up menu.

  7. Click OK. Your pages will be renumbered according to the settings you have selected.