Applies To - QuarkXPress 2018 and lower versions

Summary:The Custom Underline feature lets you customize the color, shade, width, and offset of underlines.Custom underlines behave much like type style underlines, but can be customized with more control over the underlines attributes.

Custom underlines styles work much like style sheets.


To create an Underline Style:

  1. Go to Edit > Underline Styles
  2. Click on New and create a new Underline Style and set the Name, Color, Shade, Width, and Offset. 
  3. Click OK, then click Save

To apply an Underline Style:

  1. Highlight the text to which you want to apply your new Underline Style 
  2. Go to Style >Type style>Underline Styles > [your new Underline Style].

On Windows in QuarkXPress 2016 and below - To apply a custom underline style, choose its name from the Style > Underline Styles submenu.

To Remove an Underlined Style:

  1.  To remove a custom underline, select the text and then choose Style > Type Style > Underline Styles > Remove Custom Underline.

On Windows in QuarkXPress 2016 and below - Select the text and then choose Style > Type Style > Remove Custom Underline.