Useful for:

  • Cascading menus simplify your design by 'hiding' menu items until the user moves the mouse pointer over a specific item.


Creating a Cascading menu is a two-step process. Please follow the steps below to do so:

Step 1: Create the Cascading Menu

  1. Choose Edit > Cascading Menus.

  2. Click New.

  3. Enter a name for the cascading menu in the Menu Name field.

  4. On the Menu Properties tab, configure the general properties of the cascading menu as follows:

    • Choose a color for the cascading menu from the Background Color drop-down menu.

    • Choose a style sheet for the cascading menu from the Style Sheet drop-down menu.

    • Enter a value in the Text Inset field to specify how far from the edge of the cascading menu box the text of the menu will display.

    • In the Menu Orientation field, click Horizontal or Vertical to specify which direction the menu should read.

    • In the Box field, specify a width and height for the entire cascading menu. The auto value is calculated using the character count of the name of the menu item or submenu item and the font size.

    • In the Border section, specify a line width in the Line field and a color for the line in the Color drop-down menu. This line and color will be applied to the entire cascading menu box.

    • In the Separator section, enter a line width in the Line field and a color for the separators in the Color drop-down menu. This line width and color will be applied to the separators between menu items.

    • In the Opening Animation section, choose an option from the Direction drop-down menu to determine how the menu will open.

    • If you chose an option other than None from the Opening Animation drop-down menu, the Speed field is available. Enter a value between 0 and 10,000. Speed is measured in milliseconds.

    • In the Offset fields, enter values in the X and Y fields to specify how far the menu items should be offset from the menu.

  5. The Menu Items tab allows you to specify the menu and submenu items. In the Menu Structure section, choose Menu Item from the New button to create a menu item.

  6. In the Menu Item Name field, enter a name for the menu item.

  7. To specify a hyperlink for the menu item, choose a hyperlink from the Hyperlink drop-down menu, or enter a hyperlink in the Hyperlink field. Only hyperlinks associated with URLs display in the Hyperlink drop-down menu.

  8. To specify a submenu item, select the menu in the Menu Structure list, and choose Submenu Item from the New drop-down button; then configure the submenu item as described above.

  9. In the Menu Item Mouseover and Submenu Item Mouseover sections, choose colors for the menu and submenu items from the Font drop-down menu and choose colors for the backgrounds from the Background drop-down menu.

  10. Click OK; then click Save in the Cascading Menus dialog box.

Step 2: Apply the Cascading Menu:

Once you have created a cascading menu, you can apply that menu to any item that has been specified to export as a graphic(Item > Modify > Convert to Graphic on Export). To do so, simply select the item and then choose Item > Cascading Menu > [Cascading Menu Name].