Follow these steps to create an alphabetically ordered list:

  1. Go to Edit > Lists to display the Lists dialog box; then click New.

  2. Enter a name for your list in the Name field.

  3. In the Available Styles list, select the style sheets that are applied to the text you want in your list and click the right arrow to add those style sheets to Styles in List.

  4. To specify a hierarchical level for list entries that use a particular style sheet, select the style sheet and choose an option from the Level drop-down menu. Every level after the first displays indented in the Lists palette (Window > Lists).

  5. To specify a page numbering style for each style sheet in your list, choose an option from the Numbering drop-down menu:

    • Choose Text to display the list entries without a page number.

    • Choose Text...Page # to display list entries followed by a tab and a page number.

    • Choose Page #...Text to display list entries preceded by a page number and a tab.

  6. To specify how each paragraph style sheet will be formatted when you generate the list in a layout, choose a style sheet from the Format As drop-down menu.

  7. Check Alphabetical if you want the items in your list to be generated in alphabetical order rather than in the order that they occur in the layout.

  8. Click OK to return to the Lists dialog box.

  9. Click Save.