Books help you manage multiple-chapter publications in QuarkXPress and can contain QuarkXPress documents as well as projects with a single print layout space. To create an index for multiple chapters, you must first add each chapter to a book. Projects that contain multiple print layouts spaces or projects that contain a Web layout space cannot be added to a book.

Adding documents to a book

  1. Go to File > New > Book. Enter a name for the book and save the book. The book displays as a palette in QuarkXPress.

  2. Click the Add Chapter icon in the Book palette to add the appropriate chapters to the book. You can add up to 1,000 chapters to a book.

  3. If the chapters do not have sections, QuarkXPress creates a book chapter start for the first page of each chapter. A book chapter start will start the chapter's page numbering after the last page of the previous chapter. To override the book chapter start, you can choose Page > Section and check Section Start. Any subsequent pages and chapters will be numbered according to this section start.

  4. To reorder a chapter in the book, click the chapter name on the Book palette to select it, then click the arrow icons. The selected chapter will move up or down one row.

  5. Indexing chapters of the book

  6. Double-click a chapter name in the Book palette to open it.

  7. Go to Window > Index and select the text to be imported in the Index palette. Be sure to save your changes (File > Save).

  8. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each chapter. Index entries created in one chapter do not display in other chapters. You must create index entries for each chapter. If chapters contain identical entries, the built index will display the entry text once with the appropriate page numbers (if applicable) from the two chapters. Any subentries will be compiled alphabetically beneath the entry.

Note!: Index entries/markers can be added to a layout either before or after adding it to a book.

Building an index for a book

  1. Open the book (File > Open). All the chapters in the book must have a status of Open, Available, or Modified. If other users have chapters open, the index for the book cannot be built.

  2. Open the last chapter of the book and display the Index palette (Window > Index).

    Note!: You should always build your index in the last chapter of a book; otherwise, the text of the index may displace other pages in the book and cause the page number references to be inaccurate.

  3. Select Utilities > Build Index and check Entire Book.

  4. Select a master page, and then select the paragraph style sheets that will be used to format the various levels of your index.

  5. Only master pages with automatic text boxes will be available.

  6. Select paragraph style sheets that have Left Indent and First Line values specified to create the appropriate hanging indent for each level of the index.