Bulleted Lists or Hanging Indents

  1. First, select the text that you want to format with bullets and a hanging indent, and choose Style > Formats.
  2. To specify how far a paragraph is indented from the left edge of the text box or column, enter a positive value in the Left Indent field.
  3. Enter a First Line value that is the negative of the Left Indent value. This will pull the bullet back out to the edge of the text box.
  4. Finally, place a tabstop at the same position as the Left Indent. You can do this either in the ruler that displays above the text box while this dialog box is displayed or in the Tab tab of the Paragraph Attributes dialog box). Click OK.
  5. In your text, type the character of the bullet you want to use (you may need to change the font in order for the correct character to display).
  6. Press the Tab key to move the cursor to the tabstop where text begins. As you continue typing, the text will maintain the left indentation until you type a hard return to end the paragraph. However, subsequent paragraphs will continue to possess the same hanging indent formatting, until you change it or apply a new paragraph style sheet.
  7. TIP: You can create a paragraph style sheet in QuarkXPress to apply your bulleted list formatting for quick use (Edit > Style Sheets).

More Information:

Keyboard Shortcuts:

The keyboard shortcut for the default bullet in QuarkXPress is Option (Mac OS) or Shiftɛ (Windows). If you are using the Symbol font and you know which key produces the symbol character you need, you can press Command+\ (Mac OS) or Ctrl+\(Windows); the next keystroke will be in the Symbol font. Subsequent keystrokes automatically return to the original font. The same applies for entry of one Zapf Dingbat character when Command㪛抢羙 (Mac OS) or Ctrlɛ (Windows) is typed.

NOTE: The Symbol and Zapf Dingbats fonts must be installed on the system in order to use these shortcut combinations.

To explore the different bullet possibilities, view the entire font character set in either the Macintosh Key Caps utilities or Windows Character Map. You can also view special bullet glyphs in the Glyphs palette if they are available in the font.

An Alternative Method for Hanging Indents

If you have only a single paragraph that needs a Hanging Indent, or if you want manual and precise control in its placement, you can simply use an �Indent Here� character (Command [backslash]) immediately before the character on which you want subsequent lines to indent. The remaining lines of the current paragraph then wrap to the location of the Indent Here character.

Note: QuarkXPress 8 includes Hanging Character features that include additional controls for managing Hanging Punctuation and bulleted lists.