To use a hyperlink to refer to a different page in your web layout, follow these steps:

  1. Create a web project by navigating to File> New > Project.

  2. In the Layout Type pop-up menu of the New Project dialog, select Web.

  3. Make your selections for the web project and click OK and save the project.

  4. Open the Hyperlink palette by going to Window > Hyperlinks.

  5. In the web project, select the text to which you want to apply the hyperlink.

  6. In the Hyperlinks palette, click on the New Hyperlink icon.

  7. In the Name field, type in the name of the page to which you want to link.

  8. In the Type pop-up menu, select Page.

  9. In the Page pop-up menu, select the page for the hyperlink.

  10. To test your newly created hyperlink, export the web layout by going to File > Export > HTML.