Follow these steps to view images at full resolution for an entire layout:

  1. Go to QuarkXPress > Preferences (Windows: Edit > Preferences) and select the Full Res Preview pane.

  2. Set the Maximum Cache Folder Size to 2048.

  3. Select All Full Resolution Previews under the Display Full Resolution Previews for: option.

  4. Click OK.

More Information:

While QuarkXPress includes a setting to view All Full Resolution Previews, there is a memory limitation set by the application so that performance and stability are not affected. If your layout contains a large number of high resolution images, and as the actual size and resolution of the images increase, it is possible that performance could be degraded. Therefore, QuarkXPress settings for Full Resolution Preview include a value for Maximum Cache Folder Size. As Full Resolution Previews are loaded when a project is opened, full resolution previews for the images are initially loaded into memory as each page displays. As more and more image previews are displayed, the Maximum Cache Folder Size value set in the Preferences pane can be exceeded. When this occurs, the 'oldest' image previews (i.e., the ones that were viewed/loaded into memory first) are purged as newer image previews are loaded.

While this is not a problem when paging through a layout that contains only a few images per page, if you are displaying a single page of a layout that contains many images, it is possible that not all the images can be displayed at full resolution due to the Maximum Cache Folder Size limitations. Where this occurs, 'older' image previews will display at the lower resolution.


Full Resolution Preview allows you to view images at full resolution even at higher zoom percentages. However, there are memory-based limitations on how many Full Resolution Previews you can view in an open project. See More Information below for details of these limitations.