To use the Collect for Output feature follow below steps:

  • Display the Fonts pane of the Usage dialog box (Utilities menu) to confirm that all fonts are available. Then check the Pictures pane of the Usage dialog box to confirm that all imported pictures are linked to the document and display a status of OK.

  • Choose File > Collect for Output. The Collect for Output dialog box displays.

  • Display the Collect for Output tab. When you use this feature, a report is generated automatically. To generate only this report, check Report Only in the Collect for Output tab. If you uncheck this box, you can check one or more of the following boxes:

    • The Layout option copies the project file to the specified target folder.

    • The Linked Pictures option copies imported picture files that must remain linked to the document for high-resolution output. When QuarkXPress collects pictures with the document, the path to each collected picture is updated to reflect the new file locations in the 'Pictures' folder within the target folder.

    • The Color Profiles option copies any International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles associated with the document or imported pictures.

    • Mac OS only: The Screen Fonts option copies any screen fonts required for displaying the document.

    • Mac OS only: The Printer Fonts option copies any printer fonts required for printing the document.

    • Windows only: The Fonts option copies any fonts required for printing the document.

Note: On Mac OS, TrueType fonts function as both screen fonts and printer fonts. If your document uses only TrueType fonts, QuarkXPress will collect them either when you check Screen Fonts or when you check Printer Fonts. If your document uses a combination of TrueType and Type 1 fonts, or uses only Type 1 fonts, check both Screen Fonts and Printer Fonts to be sure the Type 1 fonts are collected completely.

  • In the Vista tab, check Render Picture Alterations to apply picture effects to pictures prior to collection. If this box is unchecked, pictures are collected in their original form, with no picture effects applied.

  • Click Save.

Note: When you choose to collect fonts, QuarkXPress will also collect fonts within imported EPS files, if those fonts are active on your computer.

Note: The Collect for Output feature is not designed for use with layouts that have been customized for export in the Blio and App Studio issue formats. You can use this feature with such layouts, but it will not collect all of the assets used in Blio and App Studio interactivity, and it will not collect every layout in a layout family.