Applies to: QXP 9, 10 – Mac, Win

Background: We can create articles in QuarkXPress similarly like we do in QuarkCopyDesk as these 2 applications are developed on the same platform. In order to achieve this functionality, one has to copy extensions from the “For QuarkXPress” of QuarkCopyDesk and paste into the XTensions folder of QuarkXPress.


1. Navigate to the following location and copy the XTensions from “For QuarkXPress” folder:

For Win: C:\> Program Files (x86) > Quark > QuarkCopyDesk > For QuarkXPress > Xtensions.

For Mac: Mac HD > Applications > QuarkCopyDesk > For QuarkXPress > Xtensions.

2. Once the XTensions are copied, Paste them at the following location:

For Win: C:\ > Program Files (x86) > Quark > QuarkXPress 9 > Xtensions

For Mac: Mac HD > Applications > QuarkXPress 9 > Xtensions

Note: Please quit QuarkXPress and Copydesk before copying these XTensions.

  1. To create articles from QuarkXPress:

  2. Launch QuarkXPress> Create a New Project

  3. Click on Windows> Open Articles> Create New Article

  4. Create a text box in the layout and add some text

  5. Go to Articles Palette> Click on Add Item to add the text box to be exported with the layout

  6. Export the layout as Article