To export each Page of the active layout in seperate PDF format:

  1. Choose File > Export > Layout as PDF. The Export as PDF dialog box displays.

  2. Enter a page range in the Pages field.

  3. To use an existing output style, choose an option from the PDF Style drop-down menu.

  4. To modify output settings, click Options. Use the panes in the resulting dialog box to control the format of the exported file.

  5. Use the Pages pane to select export each page as a separate PDF file in the page options.

  6. Click OK. (To capture the current settings without creating a PDF file, click Capture Settings.)

  7. Click Save.

Note :You can also apply this option as a default using PDF Output Styles (Edit > Output Styles).

You can also use Pages pane to specify whether to export spreads or include blank pages and to embed a thumbnail of the PDF file.