To link text cells, think of text cell behavior in the same way you would any text box that you want to link to another box. Text linking between cells works that same way as text linking between text boxes. To link text cells:

  • To link all text cells in a table, select all cells of a table choose Table > Link Text Cells. If you want to link a selected range of cells, select the text cells you want to link and go to Table > Link Text Cells. In both cases, all but the first cell in the selection must be empty.

  • To manually link table cells, select the Linking tool . As with linking text boxes, click to select the starting cell and then click the next cell you want to add. To redirect existing links, Shift牘 with the Linking tool.

  • To unlink table cells, use the Unlinking tool to click the blunt end of the arrow between linked cells.

  • To link table cells to text boxes or text paths, use the Linking tool in the same manner.

Note: If you know beforehand that you want all text cells of your table to be linked, you can select the Link Cells check-box in the Table Properties dialog that displays after you draw a table object.