You can use the linking tool to manually link individual text boxes so that text flows from one to another without having to select each box. Text boxes can be linked within a single page, across a spread, or through several pages. To do so:

  1. Ensure that all the boxes you want to link are already drawn in your layout.

  2. Select the Linking tool and click on the first box from which you want to link text.

  3. Select the next box where you want the text to flow.

  4. Continue to click any additional boxes where you want the text to flow.

  5. When you are finished linking all text boxes. Select the Text Content tool.

1. In QuarkXPress 9, you can use Linkster under Utilities Menu to link & un-link different text boxes. .

Note!: In QuarkXPress 8 and 9 the Linking Tool remains selected by default after you select it the first time. In QuarkXPress 7 and earlier versions, you need to hold down the Option key and then click on the Linking tool in order for it to remain selected for linking multiple text boxes.

Tip: If you want to see where any existing links occur, you can simply select one of the boxes in the text chain and then select the Linking tool. Arrows will then display that show the order in which the boxes have been linked. To unlink boxes within a text chain, select the unlinking tool and click on the head or tail of the arrow where you want to break the link.