To activate legacy options for separations in QuarkXPress 9:

  1. Visit and log a ticket to request for 'FuturaUIConfig.xml' file
  2. Once you receive the file, download and place the compressed file named '' under below location: (as per your operating system)
    • XP: [drive]:\Documents & Settings\[user name]\Application data (Hidden folder)\Quark\QuarkXPress 9
    • Vista and 7: [Local drive]:\ User\Local\App Data (hidden folder)\Quark\QuarkXPress 9
    • Mac OS: [drive]/Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/Quark/QuarkXPress 9
  3. Uncompress the '' at above location & then launch QuarkXPress 9.x afterwards.
  4. This will enable the legacy options for Separations.
  5. In case you still face issues, update the same ticket for more assistance at

In QuarkXPress 10, this functionality has been removed, so it isn’t possible to add the capability to add host-based separations to QuarkXPress 10. Using v10, you can create composite files and create In RIP separations.

  1. Using FuturaUIConfig.xml enables separations options in QuarkXPress 9.x. however, these options may produce compatibility issues with new output options such as Blio eBook, and EPUB.