Dragging thumbnails is helpful for recovering pages of damaged projects, as well as copying master pages to a new project. Dragging thumbnails copies existing elements and pages to a new project structure.

Procedure:To drag thumbnails:

  1. Open the source project and take note of the layout setup(Layout > Layout Properties).

  2. Create a target project that is the same size or larger and has the same setup

    (facing or nonfacing pages) as the source project.

    *** An alert will display if you try to drag pages to a layout with a smaller page size

    or if you try to drag facing pages to a nonfacing-page layout.

  3. In both layouts, choose View > Thumbnails.

  4. Choose Window > Tile (horizontal or vertical).

  5. Select the page(s) you want to move in the source layout as follows:

    • To select one page, click that page.

    • To select a range of pages, click the first page, press Shift, and click on the last

    page in the range.

    • On Mac OS X, select nonsequential pages by pressing Command and clicking

    each page.

    • On Windows, select nonsequential pages by pressing Ctrl and clicking each page.

  6. Drag the pages to the desired location in the target layout.

  7. When you drag thumbnails from the source layout to the target layout, the arrow pointer will change at the point where you are able to place the pages.If placing the new pages will not force existing pages to move, one of three page icon pointers (single-sided, left-facing, or right-facing) will display. If placing the new pages will force existing pages to move, one of three arrow pointers (force left, force right, or force down) will be displayed. You will not be able to drag the pages unless you see one of these icons.

  8. If you are dragging thumbnails to recover pages from a damaged layout,delete the blank page that was the original first page of the target layout (Page > Delete), since this page is no longer needed.

  9. Save the new layout and try to print, scroll, or work in it. If the layout no longer crashes, the problem was in the original layout structure. However, thepage structure remains the same, so if your layout had damaged pages, it may still crash.