PPDs in QuarkXPress are read from the operating system. While you could 'hide' or delete the PPDs for the devices that you do not have from the operating system listings, there is an easier way to handle this problem. A rarely-noticed feature in QuarkXPress is the PPD Manager. You can use the PPD Manager to point to a different folder from the default operating system PPD location. Here's how you do it:

  1. Create a new folder inside your QuarkXPress folder and name it 'PPDs'.

  2. Copy (only) the PPDs for your printers from the default operating system location into this new PPDs folder.

  3. In QuarkXPress, go to Utilities > PPD Manager.

  4. Click on the checkbox for 'Use Auxiliary Folder.'

  5. Navigate to the PPDs folder you created in your QuarkXPress folder.

The PPD listings in your PPDs folder will normally update automatically. If they don't, click Update. Then click OK. When you go into your Print dialog, only the PPDs you loaded into your PPDs folder will show in the PPD pop-up menu.