You can configure a page's design grid by following steps:

1. Display the page's Master page.

2. Choose Page > Master Guides & Grid.

• Baseline Position: Choose an option in this area to specify positioning for the baseline in the design grid.

To specify the offset origin, click Place at, choose Topline, Center (Up), Center (Down), or Bottomline in the from the drop-down menu, and then enter a percentage value in the field to specify the baseline position relative to the topline, centerline, or bottomline.

To read the offset origin from a font, click Read From Font and then select a font from the drop-down menu. The baseline defined for the selected font determines the baseline position for each line in the grid. The percentage value displayed below the font list indicates the relationship between the baseline and the bottomline in the font's design.

•Offset: To control where the first line of the design grid is placed on the page or in the box, choose Topline, Centerline, Baseline, or Bottomline and enter a measurement value in the field.