Following are some guidelines and areas to take into consideration when you set your Hyphenation and Justification settings (H&Js) to match your desired text flow.

  1. What H&J set have you chosen?

    Many creative professionals use the Standard H&J without modifying it in any way. While the Standard H&J has been improved in QuarkXPress 7 and 8, most typographers will either make adjustments to it or design their own H&J set. New to QuarkXPress 7 and 8 are additional H&J sets, such as 'Narrow Measure' or 'Very Narrow Measure' that ship by default with the product. You can choose any of these sets as the default H&J set for your style sheets and adjust them according to your design standards.

  2. Are you using Hanging Punctuation (available in QuarkXPress 8 Only)?

    If you have set hyphens as part of a Hyphenation Class that is included in a Hyphenation Set, hyphenation will be affected. For more information on using Hanging Punctuation, see 'Working with Hanging Punctuation' under the 'New! QuarkXPress 8' listings.

  3. What is your Hyphenation Zone setting?

    The Hyphenation Zone is a distance that you can set from the right edge of a text box to adjust how hyphenation is calculated. To understand what a hyphenation zone is, imagine a vertical line drawn .25' from right edge of the text box from the top to the bottom of the box. Whenever the
    next to the last word of a line of text crosses this line, the last word of that line will be hyphenated if it can't fit on that line of text. Depending on the Hyphenation Zone distance you set, either more or less hyphenation will occur, depending on where the various lines of text lie in relationship to the hyphenation zone.

  4. What other settings have you made in the Edit H&Js dialog?

    Every setting you make in the Edit H&Js dialog will affect how your text hyphenates—whether to break capitalized words, hyphenation on or off, what your justification settings are—all these will affect both your text flow and how your text will hyphenate. The key is to adjust your settings so that you achieve the desired result for your design standards.

  5. Are you justifying your text?

    Hyphenation will likely occur frequently if you are setting justified text and have not modified the Standard H&J settings. To gain more control of justified text, try the following steps (as a possible example):

· Go to Edit > H&Js…

· Select the Standard H&J set and click Edit.

· In the Edit Hyphenation and Justification dialog, find the 'Hyphens in a Row' field.

· Change the current setting from 2 to 3 to a different number. You can also set it to '0' if you don't want QuarkXPress to hyphenate at all or to 'unlimited' if you want QuarkXPress to allow text to hyphenation to occur whenever a word could be hyphenated.

· Click OK and Save. Changes to the H&J will apply automatically to any text where the Standard H&J has been applied.

More information:

For more information on setting H&J values, see the QXP User Guide PDF file located in the Documents folder of your QuarkXPress folder.


There are many factors that contribute to the hyphenation calculations QuarkXPress uses to determine whether a word at the end of a line will be hyphenated or not: the specific H&J set that you use, whether or not you are using hanging punctuation, whether you are setting justified text or not, the distance of the hyphenation zone from the right edge of the box, text inset values, the number of characters before and after a hyphen, and how many hyphens you want to have in a row.