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ou can uninstall and reinstall an activated copy of QuarkXPress on the same computer as many times as you want without reactivating the application.

You have to re-activate your license in the following case:

  • After activation, QuarkXPress verifies the validity of the activation key each time it is launched. If QuarkXPress fails to detect a valid activation key, you must reactivate the software by contacting Quark customer service, submitting the online form, or faxing the reactivation form.

  • You must reactivate QuarkXPress if you make a significant hardware change (such as changing the Ethernet address on a Mac® or changing the computer processor) or if the activation mechanism is damaged in some way.

Note: If you plan to make significant hardware changes to your computer, you might want to use the License Transfer feature to deactivate QuarkXPress first and then reactivate it on the same computer after you make the hardware changes.