PPML and enable people to automate workflows. PPML is primarily focused on enabling Variable Data Printing (VDP) workflows. is much more general and can be used to enable a variety of workflows by tagging content with tags. These tags are then used to classify and store content so that it can be quickly and easily recalled from a storage location for output. An tool can support an workflow in one of 3 ways:

  1. It accepts (a variant of it) as input.

  2. It manipulates .

  3. It delivers (a variant of it) as output.

More Information: QuarkXPress 8 can import into a template that has been set up with placeholders. It can also export content via 3rd party XTensions. QuarkXPress 8, just as version 7, contains tools that allow you to output files as PPML. This is fine for some manual workflows but is incomplete for automated workflows, which need to be able to accept, manipulate and deliver as a matter of course.

A more automated workflow is provided in Quark’s new Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS). By creating content first in , Quark Dynamic Publishing System automatically creates the QuarkXPress projects from templates and applies styling. It then publishes the styled content to multiple media, including Web, email and PDF output formats.