Applies to: QuarkXPress 8 — All Mac OS, All Windows

Problem Description: I have noticed some differences in how the Command, Option, and Shift keys modify boxes when object resize handles are used to modify object size or shape in QuarkXPress 8. Can you describe how these modifier keys have changed?

Background: QuarkXPress 8 has added much new functionality for some modifier keys and changed how others work. In the Solutions section below are many of the changes made in version 8.

Solution: Below are some of the more important modifier key changes in QuarkXPress 8.

  1. The Command key (Mac) and Control key (Windows) still function as they did in earlier versions of QuarkXPress. If you hold down the Command or Control key and resize an object, the contents of that object will also be resized according to the size and shape of the object.

  2. If you hold down the Shift key while scaling an object up or down, it will resize proportionally. If you scale a picture up or down using its resize handles with the Shift key held down, the picture will resize proportionally within the box.

  3. The Command + Shift (Mac) and Control + Shift (Windows) keystroke combination will proportionally scale the object and its contents at the same time.

  4. You can now use the Escape key to deselect all objects if you have multiple objects selected. The Escape key can also be used to deselect a single object.

  5. If you hold down the Option key after you click on an object and begin to drag it, the object will be duplicated instead of moved.

  6. If the Picture Content tool is selected, you can hold down the Command key (Mac) or Control key (Windows) to briefly hide the display of any part of a picture that draws outside of a picture box so that you can visually proof the result of any changes you make to the scaling/rotation of a picture within its picture box.

  7. If you hold down the Shift key while using any of the arrow keys to nudge an object, it will move the object 10 points instead of 1 point. If you hold down the Option key while pressing any of the arrow keys to nudge an object, QuarkXPress will move the object .1 pt.