• This tool only resaves the legacy files in QuarkXPress 9.1 file format. This will enable users to open QuarkXPress 3.x to QuarkXPress 6.x files, resaved as 9.x, that cannot be opened directly in QuarkXPress 10 and higher.
  • This tool cannot read QuarkXPress 10.x files.
  • This tool does not claim to repair any corrupt document. It will work just like QuarkXPress 9.5.x, as if you opened and resaved the legacy document(s).


1. Launch QuarkXPress Document Converter application(it launches the QuarkXPress Document Converter window)

It has two options Convert File(s) and Convert Files from Folder

Convert File(s) - This option is used to convert any particular QuarkXPress document or set of documents.

Select the document or set of documents in Open window and click on Open button

The resaved copy of project would be saved at the same location and the name of updated project is same as original document having _9.x added at the end of original document name

Convert Files from Folder - If it is required to convert all the QuarkXPress documents in a folder (Check the option Include Subfolders )

Links to download QuarkXPress Document Convertor

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