Title -Ü/ü splits up when copied in QuarkXPress from PDF


Applies to- QuarkXPress 9.X and 10.X



The ü (LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS) gets split on copy pasting from PDF to QuarkXPress layout is an issue with the application in which the PDF is opened. When the text is copied from an application, it goes to the system clipboard. If the text is not copied correctly during copy, then while pasting to any other application it will not be pasted correctly. QuarkXpress renders the pasted text in the same way as it was copied from pdf. While copying Acrobat PDF, ü gets split as it is not copied correctly. Rest all other umlaut/ accented characters are copied from PDF correctly and hence pasted correctly. The same behavior displays on copy pasting the same text from Acrobat PDF to Text Wrangler application (Text Wrangler is a standard and reputed text editor application).

Similarly if you open the PDF in Mac Preview application and then copy paste the text having umlauts/ accented characters, then the accent marks and base characters gets split and render in same as split characters on pasting QuarkXPress and Text Wrangler. This happens for all umlauts/ accented characters while copying from Mac Preview application