Summary: Drop cap is a feature that allows a user to hang a character or multiple characters for two or more lines below the first line of a paragraph.


Drop Cap letter Q for 2 lines below the first line of the paragraph.

Note: To specify how many characters to use as drop caps, enter a value from 1 to 127 in the Character Count Field and to specify the number of lines the characters are dropped, enter a value from 2 to 16 in the Line Count Field as shown below:.

Steps to Use and Apply Drop Caps:

  1. Select the paragraph on which drop cap has to be applied.
  2. Drop cap can be applied using:

  • Measurement Palette:
    Go to Measurement Palette>> Paragraph>> Put a check mark on Drop Caps.
  • Style Sheets: 

        1.Create a paragraph style sheet with Drop Caps option checked under Formats tab (of Edit Paragraph Style Sheet palette)
        2. Click OK to save the settings.
        3. Apply this style sheet to the paragraph where you need a drop cap.