You can create tables in Web layouts just as you do in Print layouts. However, the following table features are available only in Print layouts; the features may be changed or unavailable in Web layouts:

  • Blends in cell backgrounds.
  • Shade percentages for backgrounds when Web-safe colors are chosen.
  • Dashes and stripes on gridlines.
  • Varying widths for gridlines.
  • First Baseline, Minimum, Offset, and Inter-Paragraph Max values.
  • Multiple text inset values.
  • Run Text Around All Sides.
  • Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertical applied to text.
  • Rotated or skewed text within cells.

If you want to use these features in a Web layout, you must rasterize the table or some of its cells:

  • To rasterize an entire table, choose Item > Modify and check Convert Table to Graphic on Export.
  • To rasterize a single cell, select the cell with a Content tool ; choose Item > Modify; click the Cells tab; and check Convert Cell to Graphic on Export.