The user can experiment with the new features of QuarkXPress® with the fully-functional evaluation version in the grace period. After the grace period ,the software goes into reduced-functionality mode.

Reduced-functionality mode has the following limitations:

  • Files cannot be saved.

  • The Save Picture feature is disabled.

  • The Revert to Saved feature is disabled.

  • The Save Page as EPS feature is disabled.

  • You can edit settings in the Save pane of the Preferences dialog box (QuarkXPress/Edit menu), but layouts will not be auto-saved or backed up using these settings.

  • The Collect for Output feature is disabled.

  • The Export as HTML feature is disabled.

  • You cannot create a library.

  • You cannot create a book.

  • Print layouts display the words “QuarkXPress Demo” on each page when printed, and Web layouts display the words “QuarkXPress Demo” in each picture box when printed.

  • In PostScript® files, the words “QuarkXPress Demo” are embedded in each page of the PostScript.

  • You can export a maximum of five pages of a QuarkXPress layout in PDF format, and the words “QuarkXPress Demo” display on each page.

  • Only five pages will print at a time.

QuarkXPress® 9 evaluation expires after 30 days whereas evaluation version of QuarkXPress® 8 expires after 60 days.

If you decide to buy QuarkXPress 9, you don’t have to reinstall anything.You can move directly from your fully functional 30-day QuarkXPress 9 Test Drive to a regular commercial version by entering your validation code issued at purchase, quitting the application, and then simply relaunching QuarkXPress 9.