Summary: QuarkXPress includes the shared content feature as this feature lets you link content that is used in different places within a project file. If one copy of the content changes, the other copies are immediately and automatically updated to reflect those changes.

Shared Content Usage: It allows a user to share the text or image content and its attributes anywhere in a project. In addition, the box attributes can also be shared.

Method to apply:

  1. Create your content (Text or Image), apply any modifications to it.

  2. Go to Windows> Content. It displays the content palette.

  3. Click on the ‘+’ sign, the below box will appear:

  4. Choose the options for the content that you want to share in your project.

  5. Click Ok and the text/picture item will be added in the content box:

  6. Drag and Drop the Text/Picture item on any page in your project where you want to share this content.

Note: Any changes made to anyinstance of the shared item will reflect automatically in all other instances of the item in the project.

Exception: If an instance of the shared item is deleted, the other instances will still remain as is which means all other instances will still remain in the project and would not be deleted.