Tables created in QuarkXPress let you organize data into rows and columns. You can also create tables that include pictures or boxes with a content of None. You cannot perform mathematical operations or enter formulas in QuarkXPress table cells. However, you can save text from tables or turn tables into text.

Table data originated in a spreadsheet program such as Excel can be imported just as you import pictures. The table in QuarkXPress is linked to the Excel file for tracking and updating.

Note: You can import both .xls and .xlsx files.

In QuarkXpress 9 Table Creation: Break tables to flow across multiple pages with repeating headers and footers, even when they're anchored in a story.

In QuarkXpress 9 ,for flexibility, you can also group tables to other items using the Group command (Item menu). In addition, you can disassemble a table by converting its cells to a series of grouped text boxes, picture boxes, or both. This method lets you separate elements of a table and use those elements elsewhere in a layout.

To do this, select a table and choose Table > Convert Table > To Group. To work with the individual boxes, choose Item > Ungroup.