This question betrays a misunderstanding of how QuarkXPress language support has always functioned. International versions of QuarkXPress, such as QuarkXPress Passport, have always included language support on two levels.

The first level of support is in the area of user interface or what we call “Program LanguageProgram Language only affects the language used in menus and dialog boxes. This means that you can view all menu choices and dialog boxes in a particular language. This is what you are choosing when you go to Edit > Program Language. Choosing a Program Language does not affect hyphenation or spell checking in a specific language.

The second but more important level of language support is the ability to check spelling and hyphenate in a specific language. Spell–checking and hyphenation for each language is done when a language is chosen in the Character Attributes tab of the Measurements palette, in the Character Attributes dialog (Style > Character), or in the Edit Character Style Sheets dialog.

More Information: QuarkXPress 8 includes support for ALL languages on the Text Language level. If you go to Style > Character and click on the Language popup menu, you will see that all currently supported languages are displayed in the Language list. When one of these languages is chosen, hyphenation and spell–checking will be properly applied to the specified text in a layout.

Note: Some languages will only have support for either spell–checking or hyphenation (but not both), but most languages have support for both spell–checking and hyphenation.

Regarding Program Language support in QuarkXPress 8, in order to spend development time on quality of the product, we decided to release the localized user interfaces in different phases. In the first phase we have included the user interface (Program Language) for all East Asian languages. This is the first time we have simultaneously released an East Asian version with all other QuarkXPress versions. We have decided that the initial release will include the primary American and European Program Languages. We are going to release the remaining localized Program Languages soon after the initial release of QuarkXPress 8.