Background: Job Jackets in QuarkXPress 10 let you encapsulate the specifications for a QuarkXPress® project before the job begins, then automatically check the job against those specs before it goes to output.

A Job Jackets file contains a set of specifications for resources such as style sheets, colors, color management settings, and output setups. It can also contain layout specifications, including dimensions, margins, bleeds, and master pages.

Job Tickets and Rules

In addition, a Job Jackets file contains one or more Job Tickets. A Job Ticket specifies a subset of a Job Jackets file’s resources that is appropriate for creating a particular project. By setting up a Job Jackets file for a job beforehand, you can help to ensure that the layout artist uses the right resources for that job.

A Job Jackets file can also contain rules. You can use rules to check a layout (either before output, or periodically as you go along) for problems such as incorrect fonts, problem colors, bad picture file formats, and so forth.

In addition, you can use Job Jackets to share resources in a local workgroup. Multiple designers can connect to the same Job Jackets file and use the resources from that file.

At a glance:

  • Keep resources consistent across layouts

  • Check layouts against specifications at any time

  • Send Job Jackets files to clients and service providers for consistency

  • Export as JDF

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