What is Postscript file?

The Postscript file format is a text format which contains the program code for a postscript interpreter. Postscript is a page description language designed to enable the creation and transfer of printer-ready output.

You might use a PostScript file to download the document later to a PostScript printer or to send the document to a service provider for typesetting.

Using Watched folder, user can automate the process of creating PDF file from Postscript


Steps to configure Watched folder and creating Postscript file from QuarkXPress

  1. Launch Acrobat Distiller and configure Watched folder.

Refer the link to configure Watched folder using Acrobat Distiller:

Once Watched folder is configured, two folders automatically get created inside this folder i.e. In folder and Out folder. Keep Acrobat Distiller up and running.

2. Launch QuarkXPress and on the menu bar navigate to

  • MAC : QuarkXPress > Preferences > PDF

  • WINDOW: Edit menu > Preferences > PDF

i. Under PDF Workflow select 'Create Postscript File for Later Distilling' and check 'Use Watched Folder'

ii. Click on Browse and navigate to the Watched folder created and Select In folder (created inside Watched folder)

iii. Click OK to save the settings.

iv. Open any of the existing project and navigate to File > Export > Layout as PDF

v. It would automatically prompt In folder as default location to save Postscript file.

vi. Click Save

vii. Navigate to Watched folder > Out and PDF file is automatically created


  • It may take few seconds/minutes to create heavy PDF files

  • If you use any specific settings in Distiller for creating PDF, then these settings would override the QuarkXPress settings used for creating Postscript file.