The success of converting text to a table depends on the text preparation itself. It's important that paragraphs, tabs, spaces, or commas (the characters QuarkXPress can convert) are used consistently in a text block, because these characters are used in the table conversion to define rows and columns. It's common for users to use multiple tab characters in a word processor to align columns of data — rather than setting appropriate tab stops. If the text block you are converting has such multiple tab characters, the text block probably has an inconsistent number of tabs between columns of data. You will need to make the tab characters consistent before you convert the text to a table.

Applies to - QuarkXPress 2015 and 2016 (Mac and Win)

Steps to create Text to Table :

To convert text to a table:

1. Select all the text you want to convert to a table.

2. Choose Table > Convert Text to Table to display the Convert Text to Table dialog box. QuarkXPress splits Rows and Columns for the selected text.

3.To create text cells that expand as you add text, use the controls in the Auto Fit area.

4.To change the flow of information choose an option from the Cell Fill Order drop-down menu(the default is Left to Right, Top Down).

5. Click OK. A new table is created, offset from the original text box.