Background: Hyphenation is the division of a word especially at the end of a line on a page.

Disabling hyphenation for selected text

  1. Open QuarkXPress Document
  2. Select the text
  3. Go to the menu Style >Formats

Press Ctrl + Shift + F for Windows or Command + Shift + F

In the Paragraph Attributes dialogue box;

  1. Select H&J and check 'No Hyphenation' from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on apply and then click on OK.

Disabling hyphenation from the style sheet

  1. Open QuarkXPress project
  2. On the menu bar Navigate to Window > Style Sheets to open Style Sheets pallet
  3. Right click Paragraph style sheet that is applied to text and click on edit
  4. In the Edit Paragraph Style Sheet dialog box Go to Formats tab and check No Hyphenation from H&J drop down menu
  5. Click on OK.