PostScript Printer Description (PPD) files are created by vendors to describe the entire set of features and capabilities available for their PostScript printers. A PPD also contains the PostScript code (commands) used to invoke features for the print job. As such, PPDs function as drivers for all PostScript printers, by providing a unified interface for the printer's capabilities and features.

For MAC PPDs can be located at:

MAC HD>Library>Printers> PPDs>Content> Resources> en.lproj

For Windows Printer PPD can be located at:


If a PPD is not showing up under Device option in print window of QuarkXPress then :

For MAC:

  1. Quit QuarkXPress 10.
  2. Place the PPD in the folder:
    Mac HD\ Library\ Printers\ PPDs\ Contents\ Resources\ en.lproj
  3. Now Launch QuarkXPress 10.

For Windows: Printer PPD are installed along with the Printer drivers however if a PPD needs to be placed manually; then:

  1. Quit QuarkXPress 10.
  2. Paste the PPD in the folder
    C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\W32X86 \3
  3. Launch QuarkXPress 10.

Auxiliary folder: In windows, users can also control the number of PPDs that could be activated in QuarkXPress through the Auxiliary folder.

How to work with auxiliary folder?

  1. Create a destination folder on your machine where the required PPD’s are placed.
  2. Launch QuarkXPress
  3. Navigate to Utilities menu > PPD Manager
  4. Check the box against “Use Auxiliary folder” and browse to the destination folder created in Step1.
  5. Quit and re-launch QuarkXPress; the required PPDs will show under Device tab of Print dialog